Square Peg Meg




Square Peg Meg’s bespoke line of handmade jewelry evokes memories of the past through modern reinterpretations of vintage pieces. All Square Peg Meg jewelry is made using vintage finds like European glass from the 1920s to headbands with repurposed appliqués from midcentury French ballet costumes. The pieces are translated into a more modern style with hand-painted patina finishes and other handmade adornments. Every piece of Square Peg Meg jewelry and hair accessory comes with the story of the vintage elements on the card to create a truly unique, handmade gift.

Square Peg Meg was founded by Meghan Reed Gordon while still in college. Every piece is created in Meghan’s Fayetteville, North Carolina studio with all vintage elements sourced from flea markets, estate sales, and vintage stock purchased around the world.

Shepherd University student and West Virginia native Meghan Reed shares how her side business, Square Peg Meg, launched. The 21-year-old business major dabbles in repurposed vintage hair accessories and jewelry.

Photos, Video, Audio, & Production by Tricia Fulks 

The Shepherdstown Chronicle